Phone Sex Numbers – You DO have a choice

As a web developer who will accept website design and seo work for adult related sites, I have seen my fair share of phone sex numbers advertised throughout the internet on phone sex web sites.

My work as an internet marketer involves a lot of research and I have written an article one what goes one behind those cheap phone sex offers, which often times turn out to be anything other than cheap.


I run a small, but very busy website design agency and I do work for a few of the more established phonesex sites out there.  I actually designed one of the very first such sites at the the time when nobody had even heard of google and back then, ranking a site was relatively easy.

Now of course, the game has drastically changed.  Not only is the industry shrinking, assaulted as it is by the other internet phenomenon such live web cam chats, but website owners have a whole range of ever evolving set of algorithms that they need to understand if they are to be successful in their endeavor.

The problem with this is that once google realizes that you are beginning to “understand” their techniques, they might not only slap your site with some kind of a penalty which means that your ranking, which filled you up with pride not very long ago is all of a sudden non existent.

It is tough nowadays to run a successful online business.


What does cheap phone sex really mean – the SEO perspective

If it’s cheap phone sex you’re looking for, then on the surface, there are lots of incredible deals out there, some even as cheap as a mere 25 cents per minute.

In the face of it, 25 cents does appear to be an incredible offer not least because it does exactly what a well crafted marking campaign does.  Lure clients in through the front door. All you have do is design a website, apply some good practice seo and when the clients do come into your site, the price offer does the rest.

But is this phone sex offer really what it is advertised to be? For the service company, yes, definitely.  Clients always want to save money and you can’t find cheaper phone sex numbers that that, can you.  Well you can, but they’d be free.

What really happens though is that for that price, what you do get is access to pre recorded messages, sometimes left there by local people in the area in which you would call from (when you deal with more reputable companies) or  by professional phone chat operators who use their greetings to introduce themselves to you. For what purpose you ask?  Well simply so that you may call them directly, and pay them a whole lot more than the initial 25 cents you thought you would pay.

Marketing at its best don’t you think?  And we’re all familiar with if any of us has ever looked in the Sunday newspapers for offers that simply don’t exist when you walk in to the stores…

Phone Sex with the Chicks with Sass

There are many forms of adult entertainment and if you have an internet connection, you don’t even have to step out of your house to find easy sex.  With the advent of high speed connection, the technology is such that it is quite possible to have virtual interactive sex with men and women across web land. All you need is a web cam for example to make the interaction complete, but you don’t even have to show yourself to your online lover, it you don’t want to.

But before it became possible for sexy women and men to showcase their specialties (and themselves) in front of an internet audience, there was another, older and perhaps more genuine form of interaction, direct, live and one one one. It rose in popularity in the late eighties, and is enduring still.

I am of course talking about phone sex and if you’re reading this article, chances are you may very well have sampled it yourself, at one point or another in your life. Not necessarily by way of calling anyone of the many phone sex numbers out there, some offering some really cheap phone sex deals,  but perhaps in the form of hot, sexy phone chat with a partner, loved one, or even a spouse.


Nowadays, phone sex has practically entered mainstream and they even make moves in Hollywood about it.